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Building a brand identity, website, and promotional material for the University of Northern Colorado’s inaugural Women In Jazz Day Virtual Festival.

Women In Jazz Day is an inaugural event hosted by the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) and sponsored by the Jazz Education Network. The mission for UNC Women in Jazz Day is to address the absence of female representation in the jazz idiom, and to inspire female-identifying individuals around the world to continue their pursuit of jazz performance throughout their educational journeys and beyond. 


Since the birth of jazz, women have struggled to find an equal place as performers of this American musical art form. It is exciting that the University of Northern Colorado has taken strides in bringing light to the leading female figures in jazz today through their annual event, Women in Jazz Day. My goal for the logo design was not to follow the standard protocol when it comes to representing female jazz musicians - which is to include a female icon such as Billie Holiday, something feminine such as flowers or makeup, or a silhouette of a woman wearing an elaborate dress of sorts. My goal was to find a brand identity that was gender neutral, yet slick with a retro touch. I am fortunate to know many badass female instrumentalists and vocalists, which is why I decided to incorporate both a vocal microphone and tenor saxophone in the design. The date is included in the design as this will likely become an annual event. The next scheduled event will occur in October 2022!

the challenge 

Creating a brand identity and website that will help provide audience growth and enable interest from people around the globe. Designing a website that is athletically pleasing and provides a user friendly experience for visitors.

the outcome

The website and branding materials has helped to bring awareness to the new music event being held at the University of Northern Colorado (UNC). The client has been able to connect with a wider potential audience globally. The website has allowed interested people to register and sign-up for the event with ease.


Brand Identity

Web Design

Poster Design

Merch Design

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