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mr. & mr. fix it

Building a brand identity for a Northern Colorado based home and commercial repair business.

Mr. & Mr. Fix It is a home and industrial repair company serving in the Northern Colorado and Denver region. Owned and operated by Randy Casper and Nick Kuhns, Mr. & Mr. Fix It provides repair services ranging from residential to commercial.


I worked closely with Mr. & Mr. Fix It on creating a brand identity that was simple, sleek, and memorable. They wanted a versatile design represented as a combination logo mark - so that the icon and text can stand together and apart from one another depending on the context that the logo will be used in. The outer portion of the logo represents "nuts and bolts," which is a common piece that is used within the repair and construction industry. Within the "nut" is a wrench and brush - which symbolizes two of the many services that Mr. & Mr. Fix It offers. I chose a strong/bold text to assist in symbolizing trust and strength in their business.

the challenge 

Creating a new brand identity/logo that is modern, bold, and simple in order to attract customers in a high demand market.

the outcome

The brand/logo has been successful in helping the client achieve a substantial customer base in the Northern Colorado and greater Denver region. With the design aesthetic, the client has reached a client base with a diverse demographic.


Brand Identity

Logo Design

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