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Building a brand identity for a Northern Colorado jazz club and concert series organization.

Peak View Jazz is a non-profit organization sponsored by the Greeley Country Club and the University of Northern Colorado. The organization features shows and performances between August and May and features prominent jazz groups from around the country. 


This project was a re-design of their existing logo direction - my goal was to develop a brand identity that reflected the organization more appropriately. The original design lacked character and personality. 

The concept for Peak View's logo design involves musical elements and elements that are common in the state of Colorado. Mountains are the most common element from nature that symbolizes the Rocky Mountain's. My goal in the design was to incorporate mountains through simple line art. I decided to outline five lines in order to represent a "stave/staff" - of which music is typically notated. I experimented with the typography to make the "A" "K," "W," and "V"  to also symbolize the mountains that are well known in Colorado. I chose a light green color to further represent nature  

the challenge 

Creating a new brand identity/logo for an organization that was established nearly 20 years ago. The patrons that attend Peak View's shows includes a diverse age range. My goal with the design was to find a way of connecting with both youth and the elderly.  

the outcome

The brand/logo has been successful in helping enhance the spirit of the organization. Peak View went through a two year hiatus during the global pandemic - and with the return of live shows in 2021, the new logo and brand identity brought a great level of excitement and enthusiasm!


Brand Identity

Logo Design

Poster Design

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