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jazz trumpet studio

Building a brand identity, packaging, apparel, and educational material for my own personal project, Jazz Trumpet Studio.

Launched in 2021, Jazz Trumpet Studio combines my passion for jazz, education, and design into one platform. The purpose of Jazz Trumpet Studio is to connect with people around the world that have a shared interest in jazz, trumpet, and history. My hope is to serve potential clients/students with the tools necessary towards growth and progress in technique, fundamentals, improvisation, and knowledge of jazz trumpet history.


What better way to represent a trumpet based education platform than with a design of a trumpet and flugelhorn. The phrase "less is more" occurred to me after many attempts at this design. I decided to have the trumpet and flugelhorn pointing an opposite directions, but stacked on top of one another with the curves of the horns complimenting each other so that they flow together in a subtle way. I felt that black, white, and yellow were great colors that were captivating and eye catching. I chose yellow in particular as a representation of brass and the beautiful gold color of my personal trumpet and flugelhorn. 

the challenge 

Creating a brand identity and learning platform that will reach an audience that shares a passion for jazz trumpet and all things related. My intent is to create a community of jazz trumpet enthusiasts around the world and inspire growth and development in performance and history.

the outcome

Jazz Trumpet Studio launched in February 2021 and is still in the early stages of testing. I am in the process of gathering data via Instagram to access the interest level of potential clients and what services may be most suitable to meet their needs


Brand Identity

Logo Design

Merch Design

Web Design (in progress) 

Education Research

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