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Pride Bands Alliance is a membership organization of LGBTQ+ community concert and marching bands from cities around the world. Formerly Lesbian and Gay Band Association, we were founded in 1982 as Lesbian and Gay Bands of America when seven independent bands met formally in Chicago. Over the past 40 years, Pride Bands Alliance has grown to include 36 member organizations in the United States, Canada, Australia and England.

Pride Bands remains dedicated to its original goals of promoting LGBTQ+ Music, Visibility and Pride by providing a network of LGBTQ+ community bands at all stages of development, promoting music as a medium of communication among people, improving the quality of artistic and organizational aspects of member bands and stimulating public interest in the unique art form of community band music in our culture.

Pride Bands Alliance meets annually in different cities to plan events, encourage the formation of new bands and share the gift of music with LGBTQ+ and allied audiences. Seminars on topics such as musicianship, programming and organizational skills are held in addition to general business and committee meetings.


This was a re-design of their existing logo direction - my goal was to retain the character and vibe of the organization, but create a new visual direction that could help represent the event more appropriately.

Since the Pride Alliance conference is being held in Denver, Colorado in 2023 - my intention was to find a way of making the logo exude the character of Colorado. This is captured through the use of negative space in the mountains, and the sun placed within the "C" in "Rocky" (a symbol that has become instantly recognizable as the logo for the state of Colorado). The 36 stars represent the 36 organizations that are housed within the Pride Alliance organization.

the challenge 

Creating a new brand identity/logo that is modern, bold, and simple in order to attract customers in a high demand market.

the outcome

The brand/logo has been successful in helping the client initiate growth in registration for the 41st annual conference being held in Denver, Colorado in September 2023. The event is 15 months away and already has over 100 participants registered for the event. 


Brand Identity

Logo Design

Apparel Design

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