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Building a brand identity and LOGO DESIGN for NASHVILLE based HORN COLLECTIVE - WHISKY BENT HORNS.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee - Whisky Bent Horns is a collective of some of Nashville's most talented musicians.Their music features energetic, soulful, and intense horn lines in a variety of genres. Founded in 2021 by professional trumpeter Rob Quallich - Whisky Bent Horns goal is to enhance live and recorded musical performances with powerful and funky horn lines that are sure to get listeners on the dance floor.


Whisky Bent Horns is a music based company - however, my goal with the logo and branding was to attempt NOT to revolve logo mark around "musical" icons. As a musician myself - I've seen too many logos that incorporate treble and bass clef's making them somewhat of a cliché in the music industry. My approach for the branding was to utilize a combination mark - but to give focus to the letter mark aspect of the logo - giving it a modern, rustic, and western feel that is common in the southern region of the United States. The company holds the title "Whisky" - so I felt the need to reference the title by incorporating a whisky bottle with a trumpet imprinted on the bottle. I purposely designed this to appear in a subtle manner so that the primary focus was given to the text and typography.

the challenge 

Not many companies such as Whisky Bent Horns exist - making it a challenge to use references or examples to assist me with the design process. It was also somewhat of a challenge finding a way of utilizing a musical reference in the logo in a subtle, yet eclectic and modern way. 

the outcome

Whisky Bent Horns was formed less than a year ago and has already established itself as the go to company for horn needs (trumpet, trombone, saxes, etc). The logo and branding conveys the companies mission concisely through the sleek and modern design. 


Brand Identity

Logo Design

Merch Design

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